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September’s event of the Women’s Health + Entrepreneurship Series is all about fertility. Conceiving, infertility, the costs, the coverage, STRESS…

Join us as we feature two speakers who have both founded local companies that lower the stress of conceiving by supporting women and couples during that time. Join Marc Sherman, Founder & CEO of Organic Conceptions a program designed to get to the root of negativity and stress for couples facing infertility. Enter Marianna Zaslavski, Founder & CEO of Norka Health whose mission is to tackle the burden and stress of the costs of trying to conceive by offering fertility insurance coverage to employers. Her insurance solution lowers maternity costs, increases employee loyalty, and lowers stress and distractions on employees trying to conceive.

Join us as our speakers share their personal stories, client stories, and explain how their companies are paving the way to make it easier and less stressful for couples to conceive.

Not able to make it to the event? This event will be live streamed on our Facebook Page! RSVP and a link to view the live stream will be sent to you the day of the event.

A special thank you goes out to the Rhode Island Foundation and Ximedica for exclusively sponsoring the entire speaker series. Thank you to series sponsor Pinch as well.

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Marc Sherman, Founder & CEO of Organic Conceptions

Marc founded Organic Conceptions after a 20-year career in corporate America. The idea came after he and his wife Erin struggled with infertility, decided to adopt and then unexpectedly found themselves pregnant. Realizing that this phenomenon actually occurs regularly, they decided to conduct research to better understand the emotional and psychological journey that couples experience when struggling to conceive. They partnered with Ph.D. Kate Webster and conducted a multi-year study that uncovered 9 key emotional transitions that couples experience. The research has been turned into an online cognitive based program for women and couples designed to optimize their emotional health and well-being for conception. Marc, now a father of 3 children, Maxwell (14), Emerson (8) and Kennedy (5), dedicates himself to Organic Conceptions and helping couples to optimize their emotional health and well-being for conception.


Marianna Zaslavsky, Founder & CEO of Norka Health

Norka Health is a fertility benefits startup. Norka is reinventing not only the patient experience but bringing fertility benefits coverage to a $4bn US market. Marianna has previously run several venture-backed companies, including HookLogic, which was sold to Criteo for $250M in 2016. She also spent time at companies such as Bain Capital Ventures, Bain & Company, Bowery Ventures, and Citi. She was a Fellow and VP of Partnerships at InSITE Fellowship Program and is currently a Board Member at Build.org, a non-profit that brings entrepreneurship programming to underfunded high-schools across the nation. She has her B.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University. Norka Health is a fertility benefits company that manages fertility and family planning benefits for large self-insured employers. We help top employers recruit and retain talent, as well as lower medical costs due to twins and preterm births. We are not only reinventing the confusing patient experience but also expanding benefits beyond traditional families by supporting single parents and LGBTQ+.