Combating the Rising Global Maternal Death Rate with Meg Wirth & Anne Geary Schmults - Women's Health + Entrepreneurship Event Recap

The Women’ Health + Entrepreneurship Series was the perfect stage for two Providence based women to share the stories of how they are combating the rising maternal death rate worldwide. Did you know that the United States has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world and the rate is continuing to grow? Last Wednesday, April 10th, maternal health experts Meg Wirth and Anne Geary Schmults took the stage at our monthly Women’s Health + Entrepreneurship Event event to share how their companies are providing innovative products and solutions to save mothers and baby’s lives all around the world.


Maternova, Inc. is woman owned ecommerce platform that is the trusted resource for cutting edge medical innovations in newborn, obstetrics and reproductive health. They research, review and sell innovative, proven obstetric and newborn technologies to private hospitals, governments, Ministries of Health, NGOs and healthcare professionals around the world. Visit to learn more.

Speaker Anne Geary Schmults taught us about the Jada System, a teardrop-shaped, soft silicone ring that is placed into the uterus, where gentle suction is applied to cause the uterus to contract and shrink in size, compressing the blood vessels so the bleeding stops from postpartum hemorrhage. Created by Alydia Health the system is in its clinical trial phase but, is showing promise to be one of the most natural solutions to stop postpartum bleeding.

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