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This Program is made possible by a partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and Real Jobs Rhode Island.

This program is free of charge to Rhode Island residents and employees.

In partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and as a RJRI Partner, NEMIC brings an immersive Medical Technology Program to educate, innovate, train, and grow the Med Tech ecosystem in Rhode Island free of charge to all Rhode Island based participants.

The Med Tech Leadership program is a comprehensive series of programs designed to train and educate Med Tech and digital health focused entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Participants will learn the skills they need to bring a product to market and apply these skills directly to their business through a mix of activities in the 3 subsequent programs.

  1. BUSINESS PLAN Preparation

NEMIC team members and advisors will work with entrepreneurs one-on-one to evaluate and develop your business plan and transform it with actionable goals.


An immersive series of classes & workshops for Med Tech entrepreneurs and industry professionals to educate themselves on how to develop products within this highly regulated industry, examine current trends, and learn the necessary skills to build and lead a fundable business.


An assortment of carefully curated workshops that are centered on strategizing key activities through hands-on projects that reinforce your learned knowledge and apply it directly to your business.