Meet our April speakers Anne Geary Schmults, Director of Business Development at Alydia Health and Meg Wirth, Founder of MaternovaBoth companies offer life changing and lifesaving technologies for childbirth and beyond. Join us to learn the story behind how both women have grown their companies to make childbirth safer for all women.

Alydia Health’s mission is to improve safety in childbirth for all mothers through their vacuum-induced uterine tamponade to stop postpartum hemorrhaging. Join Alydia Health’s Director of Business Development, Anne Geary Schmults, as she takes us through the story of the evolution of Alydia Health from a student founded device in 2010 to the privately held, venture-backed company it is today.

Maternova, Inc., a women-owned women’s health solutions company, is the trusted resource for cutting edge medical innovation in newborn, obstetrics, and reproductive health. Maternova researches, reviews and sells innovative, proven obstetric and newborn technologies to private hospitals, governments, Ministries of Health, NGOs and healthcare professionals around the world. Founder, Meg Wirth will explore the story of the metaphorical seeds planted over 20 years ago in Borneo—that led to the creation of Maternova and its evolution into a for-profit social enterprise informing and supplying over 50 countries worldwide.

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Meg Wirth, Maternova

Meg Wirth is an expert in maternal and neonatal health innovation. She is the co-founder of Maternova and a S.E.VEN fellow and a Cartier Women's Initiative finalist. She has advised dozens of entrepreneurs and startups in women's health and global health and led a team securing a $3M Gates grant to draft plans for the first venture fund in global health. Meg has also worked as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Health Equity team and co-edited a major volume called Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action. She was a co-author of the UN Millennium Project’s final report on child and maternal health. She has a BA from Harvard University and an MPA in international development from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.


Anne Geary Schmults

Anne Geary Schmults is the Director of Business Development for Alydia Health. Anne brings more than 17 years of medical device experience with leadership roles in sales and marketing and sales management. She has worked with two early stage companies, Spine-Tech and Kyphon, from their clinical trial stage through their FDA approval. Anne also led market launches for these companies in Northern California. Both companies experienced high growth, successful IPO’s and were later acquired. Anne also worked for two large medical device companies in new product testing and evaluation and sales management. She is enthusiastic about the domestic and global implications of Alydia Health's Jada system to improve women’s health.